Providing marine services to suit your needs

As a service company we are proud to offer a wide range of vessel and personnel services to offshore industries. Our customer focused approach and industry experience provides you with the confidence that we can identify and meet your requirements.


Our vessel services can be utilised during various phases of your project, including pre-installation, construction, and decommissioning.

We are fortunate to have access to a large pool of vessels around Scotland, with skippers and crew capable of providing local knowledge and rapid response. Our vessel services are supported by a 24-hour Marine Coordination team with over 37 years of experience managing various simultaneous projects. Our vessel services include: 

  • Guard Vessels
  • Chase Support Vessels
  • Environmental Vessels
  • Trawl Sweep Vessels
  • Debris Clearance Vessels¬†
  • Oil Spill Response Vessels
Personnel services to suit a range of needs

We provide experienced offshore personnel on board your vessels to assist with communications with fishing and general marine traffic encountered during your operations.


Our well-established consultancy services include:

  • pre-work consultancy to advise how Scottish fishing vessels can support offshore operations.

  • onshore liaison and industry advice to aid interaction between the fishing and other marine industries.

  • surface and subsea hazard data distribution to aid awareness of the effects of subsea infrastructure on the fishing industry.

  • fisheries awareness seminars which provide a detailed overview of the Scottish fishing industry.

  • fishing intensity studies to aid the planning and implementation of subsea activities such as construction and decommissioning.

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Environmental Services

We provide a wide range of environmental services through our subsidiary company, Marine Environmental Solutions, including Oil Spill Response and cost-effective vessel hire options for drone, AUV and ROV deployment.

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