Marine Assurance

Recognising that vessel and crew safety is paramount

Marine assurance is an integral part of our organisation, conducting well over 150 individual inspections in a typical year highlights our experience and commitment to vessel safety.

We feel the vessel inspection process and ever demanding QHSE requirements contribute to delivering an ever-improving service, whilst also complementing the existing fishing standards, positively affecting the wider industry. A high proportion of the vessels we have utilised has allowed the invaluable knowledge of offshore activities to be spread throughout the fleet, leading to a greater awareness of the UK Continental Shelf infrastructure when they return to fishing.

Vessel Inspections


Vessel inspections carried out each year

We are fortunate to have access to a large pool of local vessels around Scotland, with skippers and crews providing local knowledge and rapid response. Before sailing our in-house Marine Assurance officer ensures vessels are fully compliant with the relevant legislation for their size and class and fit for purpose for the required scope of work. Vessels are inspected following our internal auditing process, supported by the Marine Safety Forum endorsed ‘Vessel Inspection and Specification’ form overseen by our Marine Assurance Officer.

We also ensure the selected vessel meets manning levels to ensure that the desired endurance can be carried out safely and following appropriate legislation. Crew members hold a valid medical certificate and meet mandatory MCA requirements for Basic Safety Training for Fishermen.

The Marine Safety Inspection is widely accepted within the offshore industry as a fit for purpose auditing standard for the type of vessel work undertaken by the company, however, should you wish to use an alternative then we would be happy to discuss.

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Our vessel skippers and crew work according to the guidelines and standards set in our operational procedures manuals, which contain our QHSE policies & procedures, vessel work scope & responsibilities along emergency response and inclement weather procedures are all referred to within the manuals.

Marine Assurance Vessel manual

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) is a non-profit making organisation that actively promotes good practice and initiatives to enhance safety within the marine sector of the offshore energy industry. Membership comprises of Ship-Owing/Managing companies, logistics companies, Energy Sector Operators, Marine Consultants, and other interested parties such as Port Authorities and Trade Associations.

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation is a member of MSF and has been involved in numerous initiatives, including the launch of the Guard Vessel Good Practice Guidelines.

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