Strong start for SFF Services environmental solutions start-up


Marine Environmental Solutions (MES) Limited, a subsidiary of SFF Services Limited (SFFSL), has won two significant contracts for the provision of offshore personnel during seismic survey operations, keeping the fledgling company busy for the remainder of 2019.

Both contracts (the first awarded by AGS, and the second by an unnamed Client) concern the provision of Marine Mammal Observation (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) support during seismic operations in the North Sea.

MMO and PAM personnel and equipment are deployed on-board client vessels to keep watch for marine mammals entering an area of operations. Where marine mammals are detected, MMO and PAM personnel will accurately record their range and movements in accordance with JNCC guidelines.

There is a generally a high level of client demand for these services during seismic operations as it is often a requirement of governmental consent.

Steven Alexander, Managing Director of MES commented: “This is exciting for us as a new company, albeit with considerable experience in the field, and we are delighted with the confidence being placed in our services. Our personnel are both skilled, and accustomed to working in the North Sea environment, and we believe this experience has, on both occasions, strengthened our bid. We look forward to successful partnerships on these projects, and in the future.”

In addition to marine mammal observation, MES provides a range of environmental solutions for the energy industries including seabed clearance, marine survey, environmental monitoring and data collection, and additional marine support as required.

SFF Services Limited continues to provide vessel support and fisheries liaison services for the offshore industries, including guard vessel, survey support vessel, trawl sweep and verification, and fisheries liaison (FLO) personnel.

For more information about the services provided by SFF Services Limited please contact Operations on telephone number +44 (0) 1224 646966.

For more information about Marine Environmental Solutions, please contact Operations on telephone number +44 (0) 7849 086558.

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