Vessel Documentation

Our Vessel Skippers and crew work to the guidelines and standards set in the Company’s ‘Vessel Operational Procedures Manual’, a copy of which can be provided on request.

Vessels are inspected in accordance with our own internal auditing process per our Marine Safety Forum Supported ‘Vessel Inspection and Specification’ form.

In 2010 the company trail-blazed the introduction of the Guard Vessel Stability Book Addendum.  An addition to the existing Fishing Vessel Stability Book, this document confirms vessel requirements in order to maintain adequate stability during guard duties.  SFFSL guard vessels hold an appropriate Guard Vessel Stability Book Addendum, which also provides information on vessels’ capabilities for duration at sea.

Example vessel risk assessments have also been developed, to provide a template for Skipper’s to amends as required to reflect their own vessel’s procedures and requirements.