Trawl Sweep Vessels

Overtrawlability trials
• new pipelines
• decommissioned fields
• abandoned wellhead sites
• debris clearance
• daily updates and photographs
• final project reports
• clearance/foul certificates issued
• 24 hr emergency onshore support

Marine Assurance
• qualified Marine Assurance and Safety Officers
• regular vessel inspections undertaken
• Marine Safety Forum supported vessel inspection documentation
• training and certification to fishing industry standards

SFF Services provide a range of vessels, selected to meet client requirements, from local 15m trawlers to 40m+ Atlantic Class vessels. Vessels conducting overtrawlability trials have been supplied to a wide variety of clients, including major international oil and gas operators and installation companies.

The aim of trawl sweep operations is to declare a potentially hazardous area either safe or unsafe to fish in and around. Both the installation and decommissioning phases of offshore developments can create difficulties for fishing vessels. Installation and back filling of pipelines or other subsea structures can result in clay berms on the seabed, which have proven dangerous for trawling. Similarly decommissioning and abandonment can leave behind debris and potantial snagging hazards.

SFF Services promote the undertaking of overtrawlability trials immediately after installation or removal of subsea equipment, in order to prevent potential problems occurring. The  results are then disseminated to fishermen, ensuring they can confidently operate in these areas of concern.

Regular vessel inspections are carried out by our qualified and experienced in house team, working alongside client auditors as required, to ensure safety and service delivery are prioritised. These high standards have allowed SFF Services to maintain a solid as a reliable and professional supplier of Trawl Sweep Vessels.