SFF Services provide highly experienced and suitably qualified personnel onboard client vessels to assist marine operations.  Fisheries Liaison Officers, Marine Mammal Observers, and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operators have been engaged offshore during seismic surveys, construction and installation work, rockdumping operations, as well as occasionally providing support from the beach.

All offshore personnel have undertaken the relevant survival training courses and have valid offshore medical certification.


SFF Services can supply a wide variety of fishing vessels to cater for clients’ requirements, ranging from local 15m trawlers to 40m+ Atlantic Class vessels.

All vessels supplied are members of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation constituent associations and compliant with fishing vessel regulations relevant to their size and type.  If required, vessels can be adapted within current vessel stability stipulations, to meet with client requirements.  Main areas of vessel operation are UK Sector (central and northern North Sea and West of Scotland) and Norwegian waters.

All vessels are subjected to regular vessel inspections carried out by suitably qualified company personnel, the majority of whom are very experienced mariners.  The Guard Vessel Inspection & Specification Document authored by SFF Services, is endorsed by the Marine Safety Forum, in which SFF is actively involved.  Further details can be found in the HSEQ section.

We also have vessels that have completed an IMCA Inspection; further details of these vessels are available on request.

Consultancy Services

General on and offshore complementary consultancy services are available, along with the provision of data on fishing activities in Scottish waters, necessary for the planning and implementation of subsea activities such as construction and decommissioning.

Our Industry Advisor also conducts Fisheries Awareness Seminars for clients, in order to provide a detailed overview on the Scottish fishing industry.

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