Personnel Services

SFF Services provide experienced fishing vessel skippers as FLOs to assist clients during their offshore activities. FLOs use their local knowledge and fisheries experience to encourage co-operation and help ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently. Of great benefit in areas of intensive fishing activity, FLOs work with the intention of minimising disturbance to both the client vessel and the fishermen. FLOs can also liaise with any fishermen who may have static gear deployed in a prospect area, to determine the amount of gear involved and prevent entanglement or possible damage.

The vast majority of FLOs provided by SFF Services are also experienced Marine Mammal Observers and can be hired in a dual capacity to assist mitigation duties when required.

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SFF Services provide qualified and experienced MMOs to conduct the necessary observations prior to and during offshore activities, in order to ensure there are no marine mammals in the vicinity which may be affected by the noise of operations.

All personnel hold a certificate to confirm formal training from a Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) recognised course. The most common usage of MMOs is onboard Seismic Survey Vessels following the JNCC Guidelines for Minimising the Risk of Injury and Disturbance to Marine Mammals from Seismic Surveys. Upon completion of a trip, detailed reports and any additional paperwork required by the client can be submitted.

MMO watches can also be conducted from the beach during near-shore operations. It was in relation to this that two SFFSL MMOs won a prestigious safety, health and environment (SHE) award from oil giant Total E&P UK, for services provided on the Laggan Tormore project.

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SFF Services provide suitably experienced PAM Operators, trained by one of the Company’s approved PAM equipment suppliers, to act as observers for marine mammals in hours of darkness or reduced visibility during offshore activities. The most common usage of PAM Operators is also onboard Seismic Survey Vessels, using hydrophones to complement the efforts of MMOs in conducting the necessary observations to help minimise disturbance to marine mammals.

PAM Operators can also install the relevant deployment gear and computer systems, and complete the relevant JNCC reporting forms and required reports.

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Onshore Personnel
We also provide personnel who can work locally from the beach to co-ordinate operations.

Fishery Industry Representative (FIR)
Use of local knowledge and fisheries experience to assist during marine operations (including installation, construction and survey activities), helping to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently by encouraging co-operation between all parties (renewable energy developers and fishermen).

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SFF Services has run the Independent On-board Observer Scheme (IOOS) since 2008. Phase V of IOOS commenced on November 2015. It expands and develops the previous phases which were all supported by the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) and Scottish Government.

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