Oil Spill Response Vessels

While no-one wants a situation where oil spill recovery is necessary, being prepared for such an event is nonetheless essential. In the case of oil spill the primary aim is to minimise environmental damage, where swift and coordinated action can make a significant difference. SFFLS can supply vessels capable of undertaking oil spill response duties such as boom and dispersant deployment for oil containment/recovery, actual oil spill recovery, as well as monitoring and sampling related activities. All oil spill response vessels are provided with relevant dispersant equipment and fully trained DECC Level 1 Offshore On Scene Responder personnel.

Multi-Purpose Fishing Vessels
• Tier 1 Oil Spill Response
• booms, dispersant and sampling equipment
• DECC Level 1 Offshore On Scene Responder qualified Bridge Officers
• guard duties
• daily updates and photographs
• 24hr emergency onshore support

Marine Assurance
• qualified Marine Assurance and Marine Safety Officers
• regular vessel inspections undertaken
• Marine Safety Forum supported ‘Vessel Inspection and Specification’ document
• training and certification to fishing industry standards