Fisheries Liaison Officers

Providing support for
• seismic surveys
• oil and gas installation and decommissioning
• renewable energy installation operations
• onshore activities


• local fishing knowledge
• effective communications
• with Client Reps
• with client vessels/installations
• with local fishing vessels
• encouraging co-operation
• minimising disturbance for all involved


• fishing vessel industry certification
• offshore survival training
• offshore medical certification
• JNCC approved Marine Mammal Observation (MMO) trainingSFF Services provide qualified offshore and onshore personnel to meet client requirements.


Experienced fishing vessel skippers have been utilised as Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLOs) for a variety of offshore operations, including seismic surveys, structure installation, and renewable energy operations. Liaison services and fisheries advice can also be provided from the beach.

FLOs are appropriately placed to liaise between fishing vessels and Clients, using their local knowledge and fisheries experience to encourage co-operation and help ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Essential in areas of intensive fishing activity, FLOs aim to minimise disturbance to both the Client vessel and the fishermen.

FLOs can also provide information on static fishing gear and liaise with any fishermen who may be active in a prospect area. Determining the location and amount of gear involved can help prevent entanglement and possible damage or time loss.

FLOs can also conduct mitigation watches as Marine Mammal Observers when required, with Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) approved training certification.