Providers of professional environmental monitoring personnel

Environmental Services

Vessels and experienced personnel are provided to undertake a range of environmental monitoring activities in relation to, for example; seismic surveys, conditions of Consent for Renewables Developments and oil spill response. Services provided include:

• Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) work
• Fisheries related survey work – e.g. larval surveys
• Bird related survey work
• Benthic related survey work
• Oil spill response sampling

Such environmental work in relation to pertinent offshore activities being undertaken in sensitive environmental localities has become an important element of the SFF Services’ offering and it now represents a substantial proportion of the total days at sea for offshore personnel.

The Company’s successful track record in these environmental personnel arenas has seen it provide services in Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and Greenlandic waters, as well as in the Mediterranean.

There is a high level of client demand for SFF Services’ PAM service during seismic and piling installation operations. In a number of environmentally sensitive survey areas, it is a requirement of governmental consent to have a PAM system aboard. A PAM operative can conduct marine mammal observations in periods of darkness or poor visibility, allowing the survey vessel to continue operations 24 hours a day, safe in the knowledge that the required mitigation period for the detection of marine mammals can take place as and when required.

Several areas off the Scottish coast are now earmarked for major offshore wind farm projects and SFF Services is well placed to provide the vessels and personnel to help facilitate this new stage of renewable energy development work.

We can provide guard vessels to help protect development sites and provide environmental monitoring activities to help mitigate impacts on the marine environment and ensure adherence to planning guidelines.

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