Providers of professional environmental monitoring personnel

Environmental Services

From June 2019 SFF Services Limited (SFFSL) transferred provision of its environmental services to newly established subsidiary company Marine Environmental Solutions Limited (MES).

MES will build on SFFSL’s successful track record in environmental personnel, including MMO and PAM support which has seen the Company provide services in Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and Greenlandic waters, as well as in the Mediterranean. There is a high level of client demand for SFFSL PAM services during seismic and piling installation operation as it is often a requirement of governmental consent to have a PAM system aboard. PAM operatives can conduct marine mammal observations in periods of darkness or poor visibility, allowing the survey vessel to continue operations 24 hours a day, safe in the knowledge that the required mitigation period for the detection of marine mammals can take place as and when required.

MES will provide a range of marine survey, seabed clearance, and marine support services.