Environmental Vessels

Vessels are supplied to conduct and support several types of environmental operations and survey work including bird, fish and marine mammal surveys, communications testing, acoustic monitoring, buoy deployment/recovery/servicing, seabed grab sampling, oil spill response, and marine traffic surveys.

Vessels are also provided in the environmentally sensitive Yell Sound area of Shetland to monitor marine mammals during pipeline survey and rock dumping operations. Experienced personnel holding JNCC approved Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitoring training certification are available during environmental survey work, and during operations that will generate significant underwater noise, with related acoustic equipment also supplied.

Underwater noise has been proven to cause damage and/or distress to marine mammals in areas where operations take place, and proper mitigation measures are required by law.

Complementary onshore consultancy and fisheries awareness seminars can be booked for clients requiring data on fishing activities in Scottish waters, necessary for the planning and implementation of subsea activities.

Providing support for
• seabed grab sampling
• marine traffic surveys
• acoustic monitoring and communications testing
• bird/fish/marine mammal surveys
• oil spill response

Marine Assurance
• qualified Marine Assurance and Safety Officers
• regular vessel inspections undertaken
• Marine Safety Forum supported vessel inspection documentation
• training and certification to fishing industry standards

Personnel and Consultancy
• experienced Marine Mammal Observers and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operators
• JNCC approved training certification
• pre-work consultancy and fisheries awareness seminars
• onshore liaison and industry advice
• fishing intensity studies