Debris Clearance Vessels

Vessels to undertake debris clearance (overtrawlability) trawl sweeps are selected on client requirement and according to fishing area.  The aim is to remove and recover all potential snagging hazards and declare the area safe for normal fishing to resume, which requires that a fishing vessel from the local area performs the final trawl sweep. Both the installation and decommissioning phases of offshore developments can create difficulties for fishing vessels.  Installation and back filling of pipelines or other subsea structures can result in clay berms on the seabed, which have proven dangerous for trawling.  Similarly decommissioning and abandonment can leave behind debris and significant snagging hazards. SFFSL promotes overtrawlability trials immediately after installation or decommissioning of subsea equipment. This provides assurance that the area is safe for other users of the sea. This mitigation based approach helps maintain good working relationships between the fishing, and oil and gas, and renewables industries.

Cost Effective Debris Recovery
• purpose designed chain mat
• decommissioned fields
• abandoned wellhead sites
• clay berms and anchor mounds
• daily updates and photographs
• final project reports
• 24 hr emergency onshore support

Marine Assurance
• qualified Marine Assurance and Safety Officers
• regular vessel inspections undertaken
• Marine Safety Forum supported vessel inspection documentation
• training and certification to fishing industry standards