Consultancy Services

SFF Services undertakes Consultancy work both locally and internationally.

General on and offshore complementary consultancy services equip Clients with a better understanding of fishing industry activities including:

  • provision of data on fishing activities in Scottish waters is essential for the planning and implementation of subsea activities such as construction and decommissioning
  • Fisheries Awareness Seminars to provide a detailed overview of the Scottish fishing industry
  • improving awareness of the effects of subsea infrastructure on the fishing industry
  • improving interaction between the fishing and other marine industries, including oil and gas, renewables and subsea cables sectors
  • advise how Scottish fishing boats can support operations offshore, supporting both the marine industries and the fishermen and communities displaced by subsea activity


Collaborating internationally

Cabinet Minister of the Government of South Australia, Geoff Brock with SFF Services’ Steven Alexander

Internationally, SFF Services has advised on a number of occasions both in Europe and further afield. Most recently with APPEA, the peak industry association for the upstream oil and gas industry production and exploration in Australia representing over 80 major companies and over 250 affiliates, as it sought to develop closer ties with the Australian Commercial Fishing and Seafood Sector through signing of a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), as both parties work to resolve differences and collaborate on areas of common interest.