Commitments and Initiatives

SFF Services Limited (SFFSL) is committed to being the pre-eminent supplier of vessels and personnel within our area of expertise to the benefit of our clients in the marine offshore oil, gas, telecommunications and renewables industries.

The company is pro-active in outlook and aims to provide value for both the organisation and its clients through continuous improvement of processes.  Close working relationships with clients ensure that their requirements and expectations are fully understood and met.  Identification of client requirements, with the focus on the achievement of clear deliverables increases customer satisfaction and enhances the company’s reputation for excellence.

SFFSL is also committed to achieving and maintaining the very highest standards of HSE.  The organisation is committed to continually improving its HSE performance by identifying, eliminating or mitigating hazards and associated operational risks to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all personnel that also has no negative impact on the environment.

SFFSL is deeply committed to assisting with and driving the improvement of offshore HSE standards across the SFF member vessel fleet.  This is evidenced by several company initiatives including:

  • Instating robust vessel inspection procedures, including appointing a dedicated Marine Assurance Officer to oversee the enforcement of the company’s QHSE requirements.

  • The introduction of the Guard Vessel Operational Procedures Manual, with the aim of ensuring all guard vessels operate to a consistent high standard and meet the company’s expectations.

  • Procedures also in place for other vessel services and for the various Offshore Personnel services provided.

  • Assisting with the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation initiative to provide a free lifejacket, or Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) as they are more commonly known, to every commercial fishermen in Scotland.

  • Attendance at Marine Safety Forum steering group meetings by the SFF’s Marine Safety Policy Officer and Industry Advisors, to ensure the latest offshore industry safety information can be disseminated to member vessels.