Monthly Archives: July 2019

Strong start for SFF Services environmental solutions start-up

Marine Environmental Solutions (MES) Limited, a subsidiary of SFF Services Limited (SFFSL), has won two significant contracts for the provision of offshore personnel during seismic survey operations, keeping the fledgling company busy for the remainder of 2019. Both contracts (the first awarded by AGS, and the second by an unnamed Client) concern the provision of [...]

SFFSL to provide vessel support for seismic project

SFF Services Limited has been awarded a contract by AGS for the provision of vessel support during North Sea seismic survey operations. The company will provide guard vessel, survey support vessel, and other vessel services during the project. SFFSL will also provide fisheries liaison (FLO) personnel aboard a client survey vessel. The period of services runs from [...]

SFF Services welcomes Andrew Third as Industry Advisor

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) and SFF Services Limited (SFFSL) are pleased to announce that Andrew Third will be joining as Industry Advisor. Andrew is an experienced fisherman with 30 years at sea, who spent seven years as skipper of the Fraserburgh-registered Ocean Trust prior to joining the company. In his new role, Andrew will advise [...]

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